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Finally, I've completed Black!

► I continued my journey through Unova, without anything major happening. I battled Gym Leaders, rivals, the Elite Four, N and Ghetsis. Flamare evolved along the way.
► I started the postgame by catching my final team member, Seviper. I named it Veenak.
► After that, I tried battling the postgame trainers, but they were too tough for me since my Pokémon only were around Lv 53. So I trained my team up to Lv 60, and then 65 because I still had a bit of trouble.
► When the postgame was over, my Pokémon were Lv 70. Then I used my Rare Candies to get them up a few extra levels before challenging the Pokémon League again.
► After selling and buying stuff, it was time to face the Elite Four and Champion. The Elite Four wasn't really hard, but Alder did give me some trouble, mainly with Volcarona. It required a team effort to pull it all the way through to the end.


Zepari the Zebstrika, Lv 72 (♂)
Item: Magnet
Wild Charge, Flame Charge, Thunder Wave, Discharge

Gephalia the Sigilyph, Lv 75 (♀)
Item: DeepSeaTooth
Ice Beam, Psychic, Calm Mind, Air Slash

Flamare the Chandelure, Lv 73 (♀)
Item: Spell Tag
Shadow Ball, Will-O-Wisp, Flamethrower, Hex

Veenak the Seviper, Lv 72 (♂)
Item: Scope Lens
Sludge Bomb, Night Slash, Coil, X-Scissor
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