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    Originally Posted by Chrisbury View Post
    I've been playing it for an hour and so far it has been wonderful, the difficulty is perfect, the writting style, the story. I am doing a LP of this hack, hope it's fin with you.
    Great job man!
    Sure, make an LP if you like. Glad you enjoyed it!

    Originally Posted by Treviso View Post
    First of all: Great Hack!
    It was really, really funny and I love your humour and writing style!
    I was a bit sad at the end, because it was so short , but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

    However I found some small bugs, nothing serious nor game-breaking.

    If you use Abra (I catched one because that can always be useful to get back to a Pokémon Center) to teleport yourself back to the Pokémon Center in Pewter City, that Guy saying his Pokémon keep getting KO'd is again there.
    [Maybe it's supposed to be like this, dunno]

    However, if you use Teleport while in Heaven to get back to Pewter City you can go again to Mt. Moon and the scene with Giovanni repeats.
    It would be nice if you could prevent the use of Teleport there.

    Also, if you go out of the Pokémon Center in Heaven you start again here (Sorry, I'm not yet allowed to post links, since I haven't reached 15 post):

    Furthermore if you talk to Brendan he will answer you with the wrong colour:
    Thanks for that. I'll fix everything but the guy who keeps getting his Pokémon KO'd; he's meant to be like that. Because he really is just the worst Trainer ever.

    Originally Posted by .Ángel~ View Post
    Mmm ...
    I never saw a hack on green leaf, this is the first. And I'm glad. ^ ^
    I like the hack itself, I hope you do not leave.
    Thanks! I actually always hack Leaf Green rather than Fire Red. I have no idea why.

    Originally Posted by Ray F View Post
    I'm having a great time playing this hack.

    I'm fascinated with the difficulty level. It's not easy, but it's not that hard... altough I hate to use the word "perfect", the difficulty level of trainers is just perfect.

    The story is short and loveable.
    Your style of writting is so witty that just makes me smile.

    Really enjoying it. And this just makes me want to find out every other hack you've ever made.
    Thanks so much! I did my best to balance the difficulty; the hardest part for me is always Rocket Bomb Squad Lily and her Koffing. Mind you, they're only hard because I refuse to use any Pokémon other than the starting Cubone.

    Originally Posted by Joshawott View Post
    Another complete hack? This is a very good year so far! Nice work!
    Thanks. If I could get the first beta of Keratin done by December, it'd be an even better year. Here's hoping, eh?

    Originally Posted by Blackdragoon View Post
    dude i love this hack just like your other ones man great job took me awhile like an hour at the most to level my cubone to evolve to marawak (spelling not sure lol) and @ the post above just go to the grass above viridian city and just fight wild pokes then go back in the cave when your cubone has learned bonemerang or which ever ground move it is and keep going like that
    Glad you enjoyed it.

    Well, it seems this has brightened a few people's days, which is what I hoped for. Thanks for playing, and I may post a bugfix at some point over the next few days.


    For information about A Grand Day Out, a bizarre short story in video game form, click here.
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