Thread: FireRed hack: Pokemon Lilac [Beta 1 Released!]
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    I can't seem to save the game using the native save option. I get an error saying 'Please exchange the backup memory'. I am aware that this can be fixed on VBA but I cannot change the save type since I am using gpSPhone (a GBA emulator for the iPhone). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    PS. I have tried repatching the ROM, and using a different ROM but to no avail.

    EDIT: I deleted my save, the ROM and my save state and started again with a repatched ROM but it still has the error when saving. It says it needs to overwrite another file but there aren't any other save files in the folder.

    EDIT2: I tried patching the patched ROM with the SRAM patcher in GBATA, and the saves are still 64k, but the game gets stuck on 'Saving... DON't Turn Off THE POWER'. I really have no idea what's going wrong here, and I'd really appreciate if someone could help! All my other games are working fine (Crystal Dust, Expert Emerald, Light Platinum etc.) and have 128k save files.
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