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    Title of Story: Night of the Red Moon
    Fandom: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (EoS)
    Plot summary: Four months after defeating Darkrai, Team Firestorm are stunned to learn that he has returned, but Chloe's partner has to face a problem of his own.
    Genre: Adventure/Friendship
    Rating: PG-13
    Type of mentor needed: Comprehensive beta reader
    Writing sample of story: Chloe and Chimchar climbed up the steps and started passing through the lush Treasure Town, almost everyone greeted them, Chloe and Chimchar happily greeted back with a wave. They had become rather famous and popular around here but that’s what saving the world twice does to you.

    Everyone in town knew their names even most of the travelling explorers who pass by. In fact a few of them asked for their autographs. Chimchar often joked that they now could be as famous as Dusknoir used to be if not more.

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