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    So yeah, remember when I said I'd enter one of those Pokeathlon courses?
    I lost
    Arived at Ecruteak.
    Saved the next Kimono Girl from that hula dancing Rocket Grunt.
    got HM03 Surf.
    Triggered the Roaming Entei & Raikou (I'm not gonna fight with them, though).
    Defeated Morty with Aracnea the Ariados!
    Omicron evolved into Hypno while heading to Olivine.
    Healed that sick Miltank from the Moomoo Farm, and got the Seal Case!
    Finally reached Olivine City, and attached ball capsules to the Pokemon (excluding HM Slaves) I currently have.
    Did the boring stuff at the Lighthouse.
    Went for the Secret Potion at Cianwood City, and defeated Chuck while I was there.
    Eta evolved into Ampharos!
    Healed Amphy.
    Recieved a call from Warden Baoba, the Safari Zone is finally open!
    Fished a Krabby and taugh it Surf.
    went to Route 48 and caught a Staryu (nicknamed it Pattrick)
    Kept Krabby (Future Strenght Slave )
    grinded Pattrick a lil' bit, and then crushed Jasmine's Steelix with Surf!
    Arrived at Mahogany, did all the boring stuff in Lake Of Rage and the Rocket HQ.
    Crushed Pryce's Piloswine with Pattrick's Surf!
    Taught Krabby Strenght and Waterfall.
    Currently in Goldenrod Radio Tower.
    By the way, released Togepi instead of using it as an HM Slave.

    My team:

    Pattrick Lv.35 @ Choice Specs

    Omicron Lv.35

    Eta Lv.35

    Aracnea Lv.35 @ Poison Barb

    HM Slaves ATM:
    Oddish (Cut)
    Krabby (Surf, Strenght and Whirpool)

    FC [B2]: 0992 1015 0443
    VM/PM me whenever you feel like trading/kicking my butt on a battle