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    Name: Reiko Yomukomi

    Nickname: Rei

    Age: 13

    Sex: female


    Personality: Reiko is very sneaky and crafty towards adults. She can spin a believable story to them and has learned to steal and pickpocket. She doesn't see herself as an evil person she just sees it as her doing what she can to survive. Reiko knew that by stealing food and money from people she did still follow Shade's advice. She only stole scraps or small bits of food, enough for her to survive but not enough to really take a dent out of someones food supply or money. She will always feel a little guilty though even with her distrust of adults she never believed in stealing before she had no choice but to. She knew that if she didn't steal then she probably wouldn't have survived on her own. Because she was kicked out by her parents Reiko doesn't trust any adults but that doesn't mean she wants to kill them. Reiko is also very defensive and is prepared to fight any time she has to. This is due to a group of boys that always picked on her and tried to take things from her. They just made her realize the true meaning of having to fight to survive. She wants to go to Children's City but she has heard how ruthless the city's leader is. Reiko just wants the world to improve and become a better place for everyone living on it.

    History: Reiko was born and raised in Jubilife City. Life growing up was good at first for Reiko her parents believing that she was one of the normal children but when she turned ten it turned out to be different. On her tenth birthday Reiko found out she was a Pokespirit wielder and recieved her Pokespirit a Purrloin she called Shade. Her parents where outraged and kicked Reiko out of Jubilife city telling her to never return. Reiko traveled to Eterna City knowing that city wasn't as hostile to children. Once she got there Reiko spotted a cart selling food but she didn't have any money. She tried to steal some but was almost caught and got away with nothing at all. After the Reiko practiced non-stop to improve her skills at sneaking and with Shade giving advice she became better. After that she was able to steal little bits of food and money to survive. Not every day but every few days or so she managed to steal meat of which she had no idea what it was but fruit was more common for her to steal as well as money. Reiko survived this way for three years enduring the torment of a group of boys who just wanted to ruin her life, they always tried to take what she had stolen from her but she never let them at least not without a fight, now that's she's 13 Reiko has made the decision that it was time for her to leave Eterna city.

    Species: Liepard


    Nickname: Shade

    Personality: Shade is Reiko's voice of reason. Her only thought is to always look out for what's best for Reiko, Shade will always give Reiko advice on what is wrong and right.

    Moves: Pursuit, Night Slash, Thief, Faint Attack, Shadow Ball, Sucker Punch

    Other: Reiko gains Shade's ability Limber keeping her from being paralyzed.

    Opening: Reiko sighed sitting on the side of the road in Eterna. She was thin and cold having been on her own for awhile. Next to her on the ground was a tin cup that she had been using to collect money. Some people were kind enough to give it to her, others just passed her by without a glance.

    "Child, where are your parents?" A kind voice made Reiko look up to see an old woman with grey hair standing in front of her.

    "My mom is ill, and my dad is dead" Reiko lied saying the practiced story with ease. In reality she had been kicked out of her home three years ago but this woman didn't need to know that.

    "Why are you sitting on the street then?" The woman asked kindly putting a few dollars in the tin cup.

    "it's the only way I can get money to help my mom" Reiko said standing up and thanking the old woman before running off without another word taking the money she had earned with her. Reiko sighed and took a deep breath. That woman was one of the ones who was nice to her.

    "Reiko maybe we should head to Children's City now. If we go there you won't have to do this anymore" Shade's voice rang through her mind. Reiko sighed more spotting a group of teenage boys who where normal humans but had vowed to make her life a living hell. Ducking into the Shadows quickly Reiko nodded.

    "Your right Shade" she whispered sticking to the shadows and she breathed out a sigh of relief as she snuck by the thugs and got to the exit of Eterna city the direction that would lead to Children's City.

    "Good choice Rei, it's time for us to leave this place" Shade praised making Reiko smile to herself as she left Eterna city behind.
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