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Originally Posted by FrostPheonix View Post
Gay-rights activist rips Bible, mocks teens fleeing room

What do you guys think? I was speechless... prior to this I supported the 'It gets better foundation' and was thinking of doing something to help it, now I'm not so sure. What was he thinking?
Just because he is the founder of something doesn't mean his views are the exact same as the foundations, refusing to help them out now because of one thing one member did is a little bit silly I think, but it's your call in the end.

Regarding Savage.. WOW, he definitely went over the top. I think it's fine if you think something like that and he may of had some valid points but attacking a religion to get your views across is not the correct way to go about it. Mocking the people who walked out of the room is definitely taking it to far, as you shouldn't attack someones beliefs. I think he could have definitely gotten his point across in a much more friendly way which would have actually had people take note on it. Though if he didn't do this would it have gotten as much exposure as he has gotten from doing it? Who knows, though the article did have his reason's in it which people would now be thinking of. That's my take on it anyway.