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    This is the forth city known as ICELAND CITY. It's still under construction as I'm trying to get the tiles and events right.

    Every major city will have a gym leader who represents a specific type(Doesn't it always?). However, in this hack, each gym leader will have their own signature Pokemon that is not obtainable in the game. I'll reveal the types of each, their signature Pokemon, and the leader of the first gym now:

    1st. FIRE GYM. Leader: FIERY. Signature Pokemon: HEATMOR

    2nd. WATER GYM. Leader: TYPHOON. Signature Pokemon: SEISMICTOAD

    3rd. PSYCHIC GYM. Leader: SERENA. Signature Pokemon: SIGILPYH
    4th. ICE GYM. Leader: KAI. Signature Pokemon: CRYOGONAL

    5th. NORMAL GYM. Leader: NORA. She does not have a Signature Pokemon. Events in the game will tell you why.

    6th. STEEL GYM. Leader: BRUCE. Signature Pokemon: BISHARP

    7th. GHOST GYM. Leader: YAMI YUGI. Signature Pokemon: Keeping it a secret for now.

    8th. DRAGON GYM. Leader: BLITZ. Signature Pokemon: Keeping it a secret for now.

    Anime Character Event:

    If you've watched the Pokemon Anime, you can't ever forget about Brock. He was a funny character who flirted with almost every girl. He was a Pokemon Breeder but decided to become a Pokemon Doctor near his last hiatus on the show. In this hack, he returns, but not in a good way. And it's up to you and ASH(The now, Pokemon League Champion) to snap him out of the mind-controlled spell he is under.
    Here's a scene from the event. ASH's CHARIZARD is being held captive and Brock has control over ENTEI.

    More Updates coming tomorrow...