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    Title: Legend of The Dark Prince
    Link to fic:
    Summary: Ash Ketchum is returning back from Unova after losing in the finals to his friend Stephan. Giovanni makes an agreement with Darkrai to use his power for reaching his goal. Realizing Giovanni has a soft heart.Darkrai requests him to use the son he abandoned.
    Degree of Completion: In Progress, (as of April 30th Chapter one has been released.)
    One-shot or Chaptered Fic: Chaptered Fic
    Legend of the Dark Prince: PC|FF.Net|

    The Trip to Unova: A flying-saucer, a beast and a mad-scientist.
    : PC
    The Road to Nowhere: PC|FF.Net|SPPf|

    If you want a storyline to your fan game whether it is a ROM Hack or using RPG Maker XP, feel free to contact me!