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@Sapphire: Hmm.. well, no offense but this is very, very short. I might recommend that you expand on things a bit more? One of the major reasons humanity has gone down the toilet is the lack of enough food to feed the population, and a complete lack of any meat that doesn't come from cannibalism of some sort. Perhaps you could expand the personality / history field explaining how your character dealt with this? Did she simply steal to survive? How did she feel knowing that stealing what little food was spread between people was effectively possibly killing someone? Did she even think of that, or did it never occur to her? Just trying to help, but I'm not sure about approving this in it's current state. If you don't want to flesh it out a bit more I'll have to talk with my handy dandy helper to try to come to a conclusion.

@Machomuu: Woah! That was fast. I'll get to yours in a moment, though if length is any indication it looks like you've put in enough work.

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