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Here's my first update!

-Named myself Brown, started off right away with Umber the Chimchar (I’m reminded of how clever I am every time I see “Umber used Ember!”)
-Did all the starting stuff and then proceeded to catch the second member of the team, Wallace the Bidoof, on Route 204. Also caught another Bidoof named Edgar and a Starly named Airbus for later HM slave duty (do I get extra points if my HM slaves are brown as well?)
-Beat Barry on Route 203, Got to Oreburgh, Went north to route 207 and caught myself a Machop. Traded her in town for my third team member, Kazza the Abra. Taught it Return so it had something other than just Teleport.
-Went to Oreburgh Mine and after some dumb complications (burn hax, unwanted crits, accidentally running away) I finally caught the fourth member of the team (did I make this too easy?), Jordan the female Geodude. I gave her a gender neutral name because I feel like a female GeoDUDE would be a bit confused.
-Umber evolved into Monferno at Lv.14! Learned Mach Punch.
-Was Mach Punching Roark to death until a Headbutt from Cranidos I was not prepared for took out Umber, so Jordan had to come in to take it out at a snail’s pace. Got the badge, taught Stealth Rock to Jordan as a reward for saving the day.


The team so far:


Umber the Monferno ♂, Lv.14
Ability: Blaze
-Mach Punch

Wallace the Bidoof ♂ , Lv. 11 @ Quick Claw
Ability: Unaware
-Defense Curl

Kazza the Abra ♂ , Lv. 11
Ability: Synchronize

Jordan the Geodude ♀ , Lv. 11
Ability: Rock Head
-Rock Throw
-Defense Curl
-Stealth Rock

HM Slaves:

Edgar the Bidoof: Tackle, Rock Smash
Airbus the Starly: Tackle, Growl
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