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@Sapphire: ...That additional part of her history is so.... /morbid/. I guess I'm going to go ahead an approve you then. You may begin posting as you like.

@Machomuu: The SU itself is good, but I discovered a canonity problem or two. You see, this RP is based on the games and in the games there are no non-pokemon animals. It is stated very blatantly in a certain piece of lore that pokemon are eaten for food, unlike the anime where there are normal animals alongside pokemon and the manga where nobody knows. That being said, as Pokemon are completely extinct catching 'fish' is impossible.

The only other issue is more of a confusion I had when reading your SU. You say Mako cannot use his powers unless he 'synchronizes' with his pokespirit. That sounds like the transformation a pokespirit grants, however, /nobody/ should be able to use their powers when not transformed using their spirit. That's completely normal... unless I'm misunderstanding something.

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