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Originally Posted by droomph
However the ones who are 35 and have a six-figure job and still want an abortion? No. They should be forced to enjoy the luxury (or punishment) of a child, because you have liven long enough with full freedom to do whatever you wish, and in this case everything you said is true and fully valid.
Even that is a huge judgment call to make on something that is none of your business, and that's the whole problem with the pro-life movement. Everything they say comes across as passing judgment on the lives and decisions of others when they have no right to do so.

Originally Posted by FrostPhoenix
Gay-rights activist rips Bible, mocks teens fleeing room

What do you guys think? I was speechless... prior to this I supported the 'It gets better foundation' and was thinking of doing something to help it, now I'm not so sure. What was he thinking?
As Scarf said, he is not the It Gets Better foundation. If you are re-considering doing something to help them out because of this, it says way more about you than it does about him or the foundation.

As for the speech itself, actually ripping the Bible might have been a little over the top considering how funny people get about that sort of thing, but the point he was trying to make is valid and I just saw it as a visual aid to what he was saying. Provocative? Sure, but sometimes to get a point across you have to be.

The thing is that as many wonderful Christians as there are who are fine with the gay thing and support gay rights, there are an equal or greater number of idiots out there who use their religion as a scapegoat for their bigotry. Because of that, speeches like Savage's still need to be made. It's good and well to talk about how not all Christians are that way and therefore Christianity is not the enemy, but this is something we already know, and being complacent about the rest of them because of that won't get anybody anywhere. There are still bigots out there and change isn't made by settling for what you have. Sometimes you have to do something to get noticed. He succeeded.

Overall, I think the tearing of the Bible may have been extreme and I understand why people would be offended by it, but it got a news article written, didn't it? There are millions of copies of that book, this may well be the first time one of them has been used for something positive.

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