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    You don't know where you are. You don't know how you ended up here. But you're here. Memories gone, you stumble forward until you realize that you're not alone. Other players are with you, and they have lost their memories too. You stand, confused, in a world of 8-bit cubes. It's only the crack of dawn, and your first day will be tough. What are you supposed to do? That's when a large screen seems to appear in the sky, and a strange man begins to speak. He will give you instructions, and explain just what you're supposed to do.

    The man explains that you have voluntarily placed yourself in this position, as the reward is bountiful, endless wealth. He goes on to say that everyone had their own purpose to win, and while there is a reward for everyone who beats the game, there is a fatal risk that follows; If you die, you won't re-spawn. You will die. Knowing this risk, you took the challenge. Your memory is blank because it might put you at an unfair advantage against the game. Work together, work apart, the choice is yours. All you have to do is survive.

    Minecraft is a world of blocks, meter by meter by meter. Players create anything they can imagine with the supplies they gain through their adventure. Deserts, Forests, Fields, Tundras, Mountains, and caves. However, in this world, you aren't here for fun. You're here to survive, and punishment for Game Over is death. No respawns, and no restarts. you need a shelter, to keep safe from the monsters of the night. And you'll need to go many places, to prepare yourself for the Ender Dragon, the final battle. Weapons, tools, enchantments, armor, potions, and more. Even then, you're in the fight of your life.

    He continues on about the damage; when you get hit in the game, your actual body feels it, and you suffer. Though, it heals at the same rate the game does. He repeats that death results in death. Beware, because when night falls, the monsters come out.

    To win, you have to progress through the entire game. Once you defeat the final boss, you will wake up from the game, and you will be given your earnings. Fail to make it all of the way through, and as mentioned before, you are dead.

    Violence is part of this RP, and blood will be involved far later.
    Romance is a possibility, but is unlikely. However, be appropriate.
    Swearing is allowed, so feel free to let your words slur.
    Follow Basic RP Rules.

    If you've never seen or played.
    Minecraft (Wiki Page)
    Survival Mode (Summary)

    USERNAME: (What would your character use as a username?
    PASSWORD: (No real passwords. Just something the character might pick.)

    Full Name:
    (Your character will use their username, having forgotten their actual name, but this information will be revealed far, far later in the RP)

    (Is the character Male or Female? Gender is distinct in-game)

    (How old is the character? Ages limit from 15 to 25)

    (What does your character look like in-game? And out of game? Your character will not be block-shaped, but they will probably look like what they want to in-game, though they should remain of similar appearance to their actual gender and age. Pictures are allowed but will not excuse you from this section. Please be thorough and detailed, but don't give me a towering wall of text.)

    (How does your character act? How do they play the game? How will they react with other people? Please give a decent amount of information in this section, enough to analyze who your character is and what they're like.)

    (I don't expect a whole lot here, because this is information your character will have forgotten during the RP, along with all of their otehr memories. But what were they doing before they signed up for the Minecraft Survival Challenge? Why do they want the money, do they have a personal goal, or are they perhaps doing it for someone else?)

    (What is one skill your character will exceed at in-game? This is only a minor boost, so that no one is over-powered. It could be a base stat, such as strength, endurance, or speed, or it could be an actual skill, like swordplay, archery, mining, or digging. This will also relate to your character's personal skills outside of the game.)


    (Create a sample to express your Roleplaying skills. The scene you create here will be before the beginning of the RP. Explain and show how your character decided to take the challenge, and why they did it. Don't go overboard, go around 3 to 7 paragraphs to be good. Grammar and spelling is important. If you aren't very good with either, you may want to improve, or avoid this RP. Spell-checks are helpful, and I understand the occasional mistake. I make mistakes myself, too.)

    1. (Zerin) Drake Crital - ACCEPTED
    2. (AceOfChance) Caitlyn Blackroot - RESERVED
    3. (SkyisUmbreon) ????? ????? - RESERVED
    4. (The warden) ????? ????? - RESERVED
    5. (Kiyoshi the Polar Bear) ????? ????? - RESERVED
    6. -
    7. -
    8. -
    9. -
    10. -
    11. -
    12. -
    13. -
    14. -
    15. -
    16. -

    We'll begin when we have enough players (to which I'll decide), but the limit is 16 maximum. Sign-ups will be possible even during the RP, if there's room.

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