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    Nice to see a new hack on here, an emerald one too.
    I like the strory, especially about the new drug that removes evolution pains, very good and different idea. You could build on the story more though, the screens are nice here is my opinion...

    Rivals OW is nice
    Map is abit plain though, maybe add some more shrubs and trees.

    That building to the left looks incredible! But you need to fix the fence.

    Nice, but the grass should be more patchy so it looks natural.

    Eh, this screen looks weird, the way you have set out the houses i think..

    Nice, I like that u used different trees and the snow.

    Cool cave tiles, I havn't seen them before, also the ladder is nice.

    Abit plain? Needs to be more natural looking.

    All nice

    Once again its very plain, also the gyrados statue is poorly inserted, Ive used the palkia one myself so I no its hard but just take your time, its worth it.

    Both very nice

    I hope this helped you out, unless you already noticed the things I pointed out, but good luck and I'll be watching your progress.
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