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Originally Posted by Monolito View Post
I've finally solved my problem! I had to copy vBag saves into the same folder with my VisualBoyAdvance on my laptop. I've loaded the ROM save, finished the Dragon Castle event, saved again and copied the save back to my Nokia N95. I've also found out that the ????? instead of items in marts is vBag's fault! In my laptop VBA vendors got normal items and none of them has ????? in their list. I think all the people who have this glitch in vBag have to change their emulator to be able to buy from shop vendors and the evo stone seller. I don't care anymore because I bought a few stones while playing on my laptop. Anyways, problem solved and I'm happy
Do you know you just made my 6 years hack playing even more easier now. Previously i encountered many problems like this on my vbag also and had to stop playing . Thank you for your tip bro..