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    The OWs are Wesley's revamped FR/LG sprites. But speaking of starter Pokemon; In this hack, the traditional GRASS-WATER-FIRE Starters from all generations are In. However, each of em is scattered in different areas all over the CORE Region at Lv10. Whenever one is around, you will get a hint by talking to people around the area. The percentage of them appearing in grass range from 5% to 4%. I know some of you may think "But what if Tepig is really deep in the game and all of my Pokemon are around lv50-60?" Well I thought of that and decided each of the starters will carry an EXP.SHARE when you catch it. Around 60% of Gen 5 POKEMON are in this hack. All of the evolutions in Gen 4 are here as well and will all be obtainable by lv up or by stone.
    This is a small snapshot of AROMA TOWN. The player's teacher lives here & the starter CHIKORITA can be found in this area.

    lol Well since ASH493 made a funny joke. I decided to spoil it and confirm that YAMI YUGI's Signature Pokemon Is Giratina. Yami Yugi's role in this game is much more than that of a gym leader. Him being able to use Giratina's power will be answered later on in the playthough.