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    Bumping since my error got ignored last time, could really use a fix for it.
    I've been experimenting with adding in new Pokémon (to the PBS as well as adding the sprites in), but I keep getting this error when I go to change poistion of the sprites in the editor.
    Exception: NoMethodError
    Message: undefined method `width' for nil:NilClass
    PokemonSpritePos:62:in `refresh'
    PokemonSpritePos:181:in `pbSpecies'
    PokemonSpritePos:174:in `loop'
    PokemonSpritePos:194:in `pbSpecies'
    PokemonSpritePos:300:in `pbStart'
    PokemonSpritePos:299:in `loop'
    PokemonSpritePos:307:in `pbStart'
    EditorMain:236:in `pbEditorMenu'
    EditorMain:234:in `pbFadeOutIn'
    EditorMain:234:in `pbEditorMenu
    Then the editor closes completely.

    Because of this, no pokémon will show up at all during the battles, trainers and battle animations still appear, however.

    Here's an image to show you exactly what I mean.