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INTRODUCTION: I'm DarkRisingGirl & I recently re-started my hack "Pokemon Dark Rising". It's a hack of FireRed in which I attempted to complete on my own as a novice to Rom Hacking last year and as you can guess, it failed terribly. However, after months of learning new things and practicing, I've become quite good at most features in hacking. Proof of my accomplishments is the hack, Pokemon Dark Rising, which is now in the progression hacks section:
Why I'm requesting to start a team is simple; Although I've become adapt with rom hacking, I'm still not good enough to make what I vision, possible. This is why I would like to recruit an intermediate to advance group of hackers who can assist me in creating possibly one of the best hacks in a long time. (Best part of joining this team...Your Ideas Matter. If you have an idea, please feel free to share it. If it relates to the storyline and events in the game, 70-80% of the time, I will approve of it.)

WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR: -An advance/expert skillful Scripter who can add on to what I've already done.

-A Tile Cleaner/Inserter. I've inserted some tiles that look really good. But there's some that need to be fixed up abit before it can look fully acceptable. That's what I mean by Tile Cleaner. I also need someone to insert new, more better tiles, as well.

-A Music Inserter. This is very much needed as I have never attempted this as of Yet. I'm willing to learn how, and know what sorts of sounds I would love for this hack. However, I have not gotten to any of it.

-Someone who can insert a Title Screen/Introduction to game sprites/ and trainerbacks for Pokemon battles.

-Someone who has very good sprites of newer generation Pokemon. About 80% of the pokemon sprites in this hack are already in good shape. However, there's a few that need a serious upgrade. Such as Drapion, Braviary, Gigilaith, Electivire, etc...

APPLICATION: Please fill out this form if you're intrigued by what you've seen of Pokemon Dark Rising thus far & would like to contribute to the progress.

What part of What I'm Looking For can you contribute the best at:
Something random about you:
Proof of Work(If possible. If not, it's okay.):
Time Zone:

Thank You. I forgot to mention another important quality I'm looking for in this team; FUN! Let's have Fun making this hack better and work hard at the same time.

TEAM: Tajaros-Scripter