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Originally Posted by Barrels
EDIT: Also... Andy, no offense, mate, but please don't stick me on the members' list just yet. I'm still divided as to whether joining a group of atheists characterised as an alliance is too provocative for a peace-loving soul like myself. (Who are we allied against, exactly? The 'many wonderful Christians who are fine with the gay thing and support gay rights' - well, no, obviously. But if it's the 'equal or greater number of idiots out there who use their religion as a scapegoat for their bigotry', then should we be using atheism to fight them? Shouldn't it be the Enlightenment Alliance, or the Freedom Alliance, or the Rights Alliance? Because if we're fine with their belief then atheism isn't a weapon - and I don't believe it should be seen as such anyway. It's playing into the hands of those who see us as evil, devious Satan-warriors.)
It's... just a name lol. I am the owner of the club but I wasn't originally, so I can't exactly speak for the intentions of the actual founder. I would venture, though, that it would have had in large part to do with alliteration . It is funny how funny people can get about this sort of thing, though. The original name of the LGBT Club was this ridiculous alphabet soup name (something like The LGBTQIPAAOSGOSCREWYOURSELF Alliance) which I thought was totally ridiculous, so when I took it over I discussed the club name with the group and we decided on "The Rainbow Connection [LGBT Club]" only to talk to a gay guy on MSN who said he didn't feel comfortable posting in it because there was no longer a letter there representing the supporters of the LGBT community. So I had to ask for the name to be changed again... and it suddenly seemed a lot clearer to me why the previous owner went for the silly alphabet soup name... so that nobody had their feelings hurt. So yeah, long and tangential story aside, it's odd how much stock people can put in a name.

That said if anybody is uncomfortable with it, I'm not opposed to a change. I don't think the Enlightenment Alliance is appropriate though, nor the Freedom Alliance because as it still is an atheist club, it would imply that Christians are unenlightened or not free, which would rub them the wrong way. Rights Alliance isn't exactly right for what we actually discuss here, either .

It's up to you whether you want to join, but we would love to have you

Originally Posted by FrostPhoenix
...I'm trying real hard not to lash out, but can you not say something as offending as that? I realize this is an Atheist club, but that doesn't mean you have to say something like that...
Noted - I guess my humour isn't for everybody. It's interesting though, Savage might be saying that exact same thing right now!
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