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Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post

@Kirby: I'd only add that Mew needs to be fed with Oran, Sitrus and Leppa (I think) berries to be obtained.
Oran, Sitrus and Pecha, actually.
Uh, okay, I'll do that.
I found more glitches. Yay...
#~As I stated below, Shedinjas are supposed to be Genderless.
#~Buizels/Floatzels have Hyper Cutter and Shell Armor as Abilities. They're supposed to have Swift Swim.
#~Towns and cities's Wild Pokemon might need checking, because it says in the Hevah Pokedex several Pokemon can be found in cities, (For example, it says Lugia can be found in Rintah Town.)

Here's my invisible Fisherman.

Uh, tile error. Near the right edge of the screen.

Bottom right. Stops at the edge.

Uh, scripty error thing.