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    Alice Crenshaw
    Entei Dorm

    Just as Chuck was done licking the boots and burped, Alice left the bathroom in her usual outfit: red skirt, black shirt, black socks and red shoes. He put on her Entei Dorm jacket and then picked up Jello.

    "Ah!~ So refreshing!" she said happily, "So, Jello, what have you been up to?"

    "You don't wanna know..." Jello replied telepathically.

    Alice looked at him confused, then glanced at Chuck. She shrugged and hugged the purple Solosis tight. "Doesn't matter. You can tell me later if you want to!" she added, with a smile on her face. Nothing seemed to be able to take the joy away from her now. "So," she added, "What do you say we go explore the Academy, guys?"

    Chuck gave Alice a thumbs up, while Jello telepathically agreed. The three of them then left Alice's dorm room and then the Entei Dorm. Suddenly, Alice's stomach growled. She was hungry, but still smiling. "Let's go to the cafeteria first to get some food, shall we?" she asked, and both Pokémon agreed. After that, Alice, Chuck and Jello, who was still in Alice's arms, walked towards the academy's cafeteria.

    Jimmy Vincent

    Academy Grounds

    Biff felt something odd over him after the Gastly used a move known as Spite. And, being unable to move, he was unable to dodge his foe's Lick attack. Great. Just great. This Gastly seemed to be tough after all, but Jimmy didn't surrender. He would fight till the end.

    "Alright, Biff, try hitting him with Fire Spin!" he said

    Biff struggled to open his mouth, but eventually he could send some flames out of it. The flames formed another blazing vortex that headed straight for the Gastly known as Shadow. Hopefully for Jimmy it would work this time and leave the Ghost Pokémon trapped inside of it.

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