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Originally Posted by Shining Raichu View Post
Noted - I guess my humour isn't for everybody. It's interesting though, Savage might be saying that exact same thing right now!
I think that's why I have such an easy time posting here vs the Christian Club(which I just tried to find, and I guess it's closed now anyway.)... I just said lolkthxbai and moved on when I read that. Didn't phase me, lol. Although, I am much more down to earth than most Christians I think... when you think about it, the Bible has accomplished three things. Lots of wars, lots of discrimination, and helping people go to heaven... and for someone who doesn't believe in heaven, that's not a very good track record.

That said, it's humans that are actually causing those things, not the bible itself. They just use it as their excuse. I imagine things wouldn't be too different without it. Assuming there would be any things without it in the first place. :P