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    Jack Jacobs
    Academy Grounds

    Shadow was able to get in another hit on the so called Biff but it was never going to be enough to knock it out and the Houndour retaliated. A strong looking fire spin was released and now Shadow was being surrounded by a hot flaming vortex. Shadow was fairing better than expected but Biff had the upperhand as Shadow look like he was succumbing to the heat and at the brink of fainting. "Hmmm" Jack sighed in a matter of seconds Shadow would be out of it and there was nothing more he could do.

    "Nice try Shadow" Jack returned him to his pokeball that meant he had 2 more pokemon remaining including his Onix from earlier, but who to send out next. "Go Blaze!!!" Jack threw the pokeball into the air releasing his Charmeleon and only seconds after coming unto the field Jack gave him his first orders "Use Focus Punch!!!"

    Blaze tried to take advantage of his paralyzed opponent and began charging his attack, his fist became a bright white and he started dashing towards Houndour. Fighting type moves were strong against dark types so Jack knew a clean hit would be the key to winning this round.
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