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    Originally Posted by Tropical Sunlight View Post
    Here are Sunkern and Sunflora: (feel free to fix )

    *You enlarged the Sunkern front sprite. wtf!?!?
    *The backsprites weren't resized with a scale factor of 80%. Looks to me like you resized Sunflora about 96%ish
    *You didn't resize Sunkern's backsprite at all

    Sorry, I'm afraid I won't be using any of these.

    For future reference, here are the rules. I guess I forgot to mention that all backsprites are 80%, if you looked at my sprites you would have noticed that:
    If anyone is interested in helping out, follow these guidelines:
    *Anyone can help. You don't have to PM me anymore. Just post a sprite and if I like it, I'll use it.
    *If you're resizing a Pokemon from Gen I-III, make it around the size that the Pokemon is in R/S/E
    *All Generation I front sprites have to be resized from this sheet:
    *All Generation II front sprites have to be resized from this sheet:
    *All Generation III front sprites have to be resized from this sheet:
    *ALL backsprites must be from HeartGold/SoulSilver, recolored to match the front if necessary
    *ALL backsprites must be resized to 80% no matter what
    *You are allowed to use custom sprites for Generation V Pokemon
    *You are allowed to make a custom sprite for Rayquaza because all of its official sprites kinda suck
    *If your sprite sucks, I will not use it. Simple as that.
    When I said "same size as R/S/E", I didn't mean enlarge it. I meant shrink it if the D/P/Pt/HG/SS/B/W sprite is bigger than the R/S/E sprite. If it's smaller (believe it or not, some Pokemon are actually smaller on the DS games, like Togepi or Sunkern) do not enlarge the sprite, there's no point in doing that at all.