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    True, most of the time I don't rage, even if we're losing pretty badly. It's when the team starts blaming me for no particular reason. Or they are just extremely bad and trying to keep the attention away from them by flaming others.

    For example a Blitzkrank I was playing along with. 90% of his rocket grabs missed, and he starts squealing at me that I'm a bad player while he offered no help or protection at all. Let alone being useless since each grab he missed was just stupid and thus no possible kills could be made.

    Oh well, gotta lift myself out of the low ELO even if there are people like that around. Best way to do that is to make myself able to play anything, buy wards whatever I play. And maybe advice teammates to switch lanes if they aren't going very well. You might be suprised how much it helps to win the game.
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