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    Dear Anonymous,
    I realize that I rarely get close to people, and it takes me a while to do so and to trust, and I rarely trust, and you've helped me understand this. It doesn't particularly hurt or anything, the fact that I see now that although I've invested so much time in this friendship, the moment a young and pretty girl comes along, you no longer see the need to even say hi to me. I don't know if there was even a friendship, or if from the beginning, you were just trying to get into my pants (even though you know I have a boyfriend) and just decided to move on because you have new eyecandy or what.. but that's kind of gross. I'm writing this here more out of annoyance that I wasted all that effort trying to help you with a cosplay that I'm guessing you were never intending to actually do- and not because I give a honking crap about you anymore. Why would I if you've apparently always regarded me as a "potential" slab of meat? I mean, for someone who would at least say hi every day or chitchat over IM, you wouldn't think I would notice that contact just dropped? So yeah, I did put in a little more effort to keep some conversations going or message and ask what's up after days.. pretty much weeks that you've not said anything to me, and then realize- hey, you don't give a flying turd if I say hi to you today or not- so why should I bother?! I wont. And I wont think about it anymore either- I just wish I had those few goddamn weeks back for patternmaking, without having to be deluded by all that FAKENESS, and so I don't have to feel the crunchtime with my own project so much. And by the way, I don't care if I'm going to this thing alone- I'm not a baby, and I've been to them on my own before and had a lot of fun. So newsflash? I am glad I see you for what you really are now, so I can spend my time and effort on myself or my ACTUAL friends. Seriously, you're a prick after I spent so much time helping you out even with stuff other than that like trying to console you when you messed up your own crap. But what is it really? The new girl? Or the girl that came crawling back to you? I sure as hell aren't gonna be another one in your little collection. I never thought trying to friendzone someone could be that complicated- but then again, you do seem a bit immature and needy. Glad you seem to be latching on to someone else, cause I don't need you.

    Cool thanks. Bye.

    Dear Anonymous,
    You're so.. I don't even know what. You get under my skin. You're old. Stop acting like you're in your 20s. Stop acting like you're a ladies man- you're a dog. You're condescending, and a chauvinist. You're not cool. It's not cool to announce that you've had sex in a cathedral and sex suspended "41 meters above the ground." Who cares? Who are you trying to impress? Stop trying to tell me that you do things to stay fit when you are NOT fit by any means. Just.. how about you tone it down and stop blaring the fact that you have ego issues in public by making these ridiculous comments. Then again, you don't seem very bright, so I guess it can't be helped.
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