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    UPDATE: 2 Main Characters!

    This is a snapshot of the character V. He is in charge of the recently revealed bag guys known as Grunts/Goons/Goonetes. He has a strong grudge against your father from past events and seeks revenge by taking it out on you. Although he may seem like the big bad boss, he is under the control of a much larger enemy.

    This character is name LIGHT. I won't reveal much about him as he is my personal favorite/most interesting character. He is not good nor bad, he simply follows what he feels is right. He is also your strongest rival.

    I recently started a Team Thread that needs approval at the moment. With a team, perhaps the process of completing this hack can go much faster. So if anyone wishes to join the progression, please let me know. Also, I've noticed the dislike of the Hero/Heroine's OW Sprites.
    NOTICE: If Any spriters wish to design their own OW sprites for this hack or have some really cool ones on reserve that they feel would be suitable for this hack, Please show and share them to me. However, The current OW Sprites I'm using in the above pictures have each of their Running/Biking/Fishing sprites. So if anyone has a complete set of these sprites for their custom OW and would like to see them in this hack, I'd be more than happy to see them.
    Also...KYUREM Black & KYUREM White are In.(Need better sprites for them though. If you have them and both look excellent in NSE or OW Editor, please PM me them. Thank You!)