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Valorie Ryder - Academy Halls

Valorie just sort of waited patiently when Drake seemed to go into thought, only to find herself being accused of not being serious. Her expression visibly showed something of frustration and anger in it. What had he just said?! Weren't adults supposed to be...supportive or something?? Valorie had been taken off guard, not having expected an adult to make fun of her like that. Clearly he had seen that she hadn't released Dragonite of her own choice! Dragonite had come out on her own! Before she could even finish her thoughts Drake went on, telling her she should quit, that Lance was unstoppable. He compared himself to Lance, told her she couldn't beeat either of him.

The words cut Valorie like a finely tuned blade, and any semblance of improvement she'd shown in controlling herself and trying not to be arrogant vanished as her anxiety combusted explosively. Drake had been expecting anger or distress, but what he got was more along the lines of /both/. The look her face was very clearly angry--There was no question of that, but if he wasn't particularly oblivious he'd also notice that she was quite upset on top of this. Really, her voice was probably the greatest indicator of this. When she spoke, her tone slipped momentarily.

"W-what did /you/--?!"

This momentary slip did nothing to help Valorie's temper. As her brain fully absorbed what had been said Drake's lattermost comments flew straight over her. If anything, she took it as him mocking her considering the context.

"I'll /show you/!"

Valorie was half tempted to take a pokeball and start fighting, and she almost would have had it not been for the fact that the cramped quarters of the hallway happened to be on your mind at that moment. For a moment she seemed to hesitate, unsure what to do, before pointing at Drake in an almost accusing manner.

"...I challenge you to a battle!"

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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