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Dear Anonymous,

I told myself I'd take a break from forums, but I had to get this out. Stop going on a rampage every freaking time you don't do well in any video game. The game isn't cheating, the game isn't hacked either. Sure there are cheaters in games like COD and Battlefield, but the thing is you're not playing it right. You don't know how to think things out and plan ahead and your not playing as a team either. Just face it, you're not very good. You don't have to throw the controller against the tv or break things just cause you're not doing good or you keep dying. I can understand you are upset or that it can piss you off, but you take your anger way too far. In fact the reason you just cut your hand just now is because of we're too angry over Battlefield and threw a glass way to hard. I don't mind you getting mad but you scream so loud that you wake up neighbor and other family members. So stop going destroying things and calm the hell down.

From me.
im back