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    Salutations, dear pokemon fans and friends! I am quite new to this business of fan-fiction (this, in fact, would be my very first fan-fiction if you do not count one-shots). A while ago I saw somewhere on the internet a challenge; write a crossover fan-fiction that isn't a crossover. Now, such a feat seems impossible and was most certainly a joke, but I had an idea. My plan was to re-tell an ordinary story with inspiration and enhancement derived from the plot of another story- like singing the words of one song to the tune of another. Such is the origin of this fan-fiction. The basic plot is that of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky epilogue, and I will choose not to reveal the second tale which is woven in to my story. You may figure that out on your own.

    I can assure you that I will make many mistakes and have need for many improvements, but please bear with me.

    Now, I must point out that for my writing purposes I have chosen to represent the characters as gijinka: in this case, pokemon in human form. This is to avoid the awkwardness of fitting varied body shapes and sizes into a tangible world and is also done so that I may have ordinary pokemon fill the niche of animals in the story. If you would not like to read a fan-fiction based around gijinkas, then you may quietly step out and continue no further.

    And finally, without any further ado, I present to you Like Night and Day.

    -I: A Hero Recalled-

    In the pleasant village known as Treasure town an era was dawning that would prove to be one of both greatness and horror. In the previous months towers had fallen and been restored, time had flown and time had stopped, pokemon had been proven villains who were once thought heroes, and pokemon had been proven heroes who were once thought villains. In short, an eventful few days had taken place which shook the land to its core. However, there is still more life to be shaken out.

    Our tale begins with a middle-aged man, a seller of wines and juices, who owned a small though popular shop for exploration teams. His hair was of a creamy shade and as was his shirt, but he wore a coat and tie of an off pink. Atop his head were two long ears splattered with the pink of his coat, and the man's eyes were constantly darting this way and that in such a way that the two appeared to be moving independently of one another. This man was known as Larry Spinda.

    On this fine spring morning Mr. Spinda had a most important errand to attend to. The wine-shop sponsored explorations had turned up an unexpected surprise: a long lost adventurer whose claim to fame was his long severed ties with his daughter who just so happened to be the partner of the strange boy who had saved the world. After having been found by Mr. Spinda's recruits, the adventurer called Dr. Manevo had been placed under the care of the son of his oldest and dearest friend known to all as the bank-keeper Mr. Duskull. Today, however, Mr. Spinda would take the heroine Lucille Manevo to recover her father and bring him to live in the awe-inspiring Wigglytuff's guild which sat upon the hill above the quiet town. Just as Mr. Spinda stepped up above the opening to his subterranean shop the famed girl was approaching with her ever present partner.

    The girl called Lucille was a beautiful sight to behold. Her big brown eyes captured the hearts of anyone who dared stare into their depths and her silky brown hair was so long it nearly reached her perfectly carved waist. Her affiliation with the vulpine pokemon known as eevee accounted for the presence of a thick brown tail and tall ears which were always perked in kind attentiveness.

    Her partner, the Hero of All the Land, the famous Charlie Riolu, was not far behind her in exquisite appearance. His hair was black as night with thin curls around his face, and his features were perfectly enhanced with the presence of rippling muscles beneath his skin. Charlie bore strange ears and loops across his head, and a tail of the most stunning blue fur that one has ever seen. The pair of heroes standing side-by-side was surely an awe-inspiring sight.

    "Good day Heroes Lucille and Charlie! Are you prepared to head into town?"

    "Prepared, yes, and incredibly excited. It has been more years then I can count since I last saw my father!" Lucille's excitement was evidenced by the shine in her eyes and the spring in her step as she approached Mr. Spinda who was already turning to head onward to Duskull's bank.

    "In that case off we shall go, to return a fallen hero to his former glory!"

    * * *

    The troop of three engaged in small chatter about the beauty of the day and the discoveries of their previous exploits and adventures and the momentous occasion which was being enacted at present. It was not long when the group found themselves standing inside the old dark and dusty Duskull's bank.

    Inside there was an old wormy desk and old wormy wooden floors and old dusty chairs which collected to form the old and worn atmosphere of the room. At the desk stood the young Mr. Duskull speaking with another young man whose eyes and hair and skin were pale as those of a corpse. At the very moment in which Mr. Spinda and the heroes entered the conversation ceased and Mr. Duskull immediately attended to the new arrivals.

    "Ah, Mr. Spinda! And of course dear Lucille and Charlie, it has been a long time since you last stopped in. But this is no ordinary occasion now is it. A reunion with your long lost father." Mr. Duskull smiled and turned back to his spectral companion. "Jack, would you please excuse us for a moment? These friends have come to recall a lost soul in need."

    The cadaverous man eyed the trio inquiringly. "Of course."

    Mr. Duskull smiled again and happily lead the way into another room of the bank and then a hallway followed by another room and a downward staircase into the basement where he made his home and where rested the long lost parent of the celebrated heroine.

    "Dr. Manevo! As promised your lovely daughter has come to spirit you away to Wigglytuffs Guild! Come and greet her!"

    Out of the din stepped a scrawny older man whose once black hair was faded to grey and whose once bright golden rings had dulled to a point at which the hardly glowed at all. For a moment he appeared lost and confused but when he saw Lucille's face his countenance lit up with a vivacity the likes of which Mr. Duskull had not seen since Dr. Manevo's arrival.

    "M- my dear Lucille! Oh goodness it has been so long! So long and horrible! Lucille, Lucille, I can't believe it is really you!" Dr. Manevo hurried forward and embraced his daughter passionately with tears beginning to form in his eyes.

    "It's good to see you too dad," whispered Lucille, who was visibly crying in her happiness at seeing the parent who had gone away when she was only a little girl. Lucille had long believed her father to be dead, and this moment was like a wondrous dream from which she wished she would never awaken.

    "My... my daughter. At last. And I have heard that you are a famous explorer now, like I once was. Now you are a heroine, the savior of the whole world... and this must be your partner, Charlie, correct?"

    Charlie nodded his head in response, acknowledging his position as fellow hero and companion of Lucille.

    "But father," started Lucille, concerned. "Why were you gone so long? What happened to make you stay away all those years?"

    Dr. Manevo froze at the memory of his previous years and his joyous expression gave way to one of sadness and suffering. "That... those... those are stories for another time."

    Lucille appeared concerned but she knew not to pry further into events which affected her father so. With a nod she signaled to the others in the room that it was time that they be moving on. Duskull appeared relieved to be free of this business of a returning adventurer and eagerly led the way out of the room and up the stairs and down the hallway and back to the bank lobby where the corpse man was still waiting. Smiling cheerfully he showed the quartet of contented companions to the door and seemed ever so slightly hurried as he sent them off and waved goodbye.

    But that didn't matter. Lucille felt as though she was still dreaming as she bounced through the streets of Treasure Town at her father's side. After all those years it was a relief to finally be reunited with her parent once again. This, Lucille thought with a pleasant smile, is the beginning of better times.

    So, there's chapter one. Seems a little rushed to me... but oh well. It is my first real attempt at a fan-fiction and so you can't really expect much. Besides, I don't want to dawdle too much and lose the attention of my audience. Stay tuned for the next installment sometime within the next week!
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