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    Update #2 : D

    -Beat up Team Galactic in Jubilife and then at the Valley Windworks.
    -Grinded Wallace to Lv. 15 so he’d evolve into Bibarel and maybe start sucking less.
    -Everybody got a bunch of levels in Eterna Forest, including Kazza who, despite ignoring me half the time, got to Lv. 16 and evolved into a Kadabra, learning Confusion (yay). (Forgot to take a screen right away : S)
    -Umber single-handedly destroyed the Eternia Gym. Taught Grass Knot to Kazza, who will start listening now
    -Struggled a bit with Jupiter at Team Galactic HG, but got the job done (why can Zubat learn Giga Drain anyway?)
    -Jordan threw a bunch of rocks at birds on Cycling Road
    -Went back to Oreburgh Gate, went over some bike ramps and got the TM for Brick Break. Taught it to Umber. Also caught Herman the Psyduck for Flashing purposes (let’s hope he doesn’t get arrested for sexual harassment)
    -Everybody got a bunch of levels exploring Wayward Cave, including Jordan who evolved into a Graveler at Lv. 25!
    -Explored the secret part of Waward Cave, went over more bike ramps, and got the TM for Earthquake to make my life easier down the road


    The team so far:


    Umber the Monferno ♂, Lv.24
    Ability: Blaze
    -Fury Swipes
    -Brick Break
    -Flame Wheel

    Wallace the Bibarel ♂ , Lv. 25
    Ability: Unaware
    -Hyper Fang
    -Water Gun
    -Defense Curl

    Kazza the Kadabra ♂ , Lv. 26
    Ability: Synchronize
    -Grass Knot

    Jordan the Graveler ♀ , Lv. 25 @ Quick Claw
    Ability: Rock Head
    -Rock Smash
    -Rock Throw
    -Stealth Rock

    HM Slaves:

    Edgar the Bidoof: Rock Smash, Cut
    Airbus the Starly: --
    Herman the Psyduck: Flash, Rock Smash

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