Thread: [Gen V] Rain Dance team
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Flash Cannon doesn't provide Kingdra with any noteworthy coverage whatsoever. It can easily get away with just having its dual STABs, since Water and Dragon have excellent neutral coverage together; both types hit all Pokemon for neutral damage but Empoleon, Ferrothorn and Shedinja. Replace Flash Cannon with Draco Meteor so that it can dent Water resists hard. Since Kingdra is pretty fast in the rain, use a Modest nature and the EV spread, 36 HP/252 SAtk/220 Spe.

Magnezone is currently helpless against Ground Pokemon like Gliscor so ditch Rain Dance for Hidden Power (Ice) for Dragons or HP (Fire) for Ferrothorn and Scizor (even though the rain will weaken the latter, it still causes pretty good damage).