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    Originally Posted by Ultimo1991 View Post
    um... i used sprite i found in the resource sections in these forums it came with like tons of other BW sprites but i can insert the indexed one perfectly(i suck at indexing sprites) but then when i try to insert the raw whitch you gotta do for the title screen thing to work it gives me an error >_<
    Also i read what Mitchel said and i think he is right two so your gonna change that? If so that would be awsome your doing great on this Keebles
    OOC: OMG!! Kebbles the torn world looks awsome you did good!!
    Those Sprites would come in handy, i'll have to check them out.
    Lol I know nothing about title screens as u know, wish I could help.
    Yep, I've already changed it, its now a normal house but it looks 3D, really 3D lol.
    And thanks, they took a while to insert, glad thats over with lol..

    Originally Posted by Wesley FG View Post
    One of the most professional I have seen here, I liked the aspect graph, especially palettes, and the perfect tiles of the TORN WORLD.
    nice works
    Thank you Wesley, I'm honoured to have a post from someone so talented

    Tuesday Update:
    Sorry I havn't been on much, as I said a few days ago I'm really busy with work and my personal life, but I've still been hacking whenever I get a chance. Heres two new screens, hope yous like them
    also, don't mind the random overworld lol and the tile error in the second screen.

    Also credits to qaz for the new heading banner, go check it out
    Really nice qaz, thanks again
    *I'm not sure if I'll be having the Thursday update anymore, I'll be changing it to either friday or saturday to space it apart.
    Pokémon Ice Version

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