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OK, so a cinema near me is having an anime season in June, and I was wondering if I should check out any of the films listed below, as none of them ring any bells:
  • Oblivion Island (Hottarake no shima - Haruka to maho no kagami)
  • Children who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below (Hoshi o ou Kodomo)
  • Gintama - The Movie (Gekijouban Gintama: Shin'yaku benizakura hen)
  • A Letter to Momo (Momo e no Togami)
  • The Princess and the Pilot (To Aru Hikushi e no Tsuioki)
I'll definitely be seeing From Up on Poppy Hill because despite the fact that it's Goro, it's still a new Ghibli. I might end up seeing Fullmetal Alchemist 2 - The Sacred Star of Milos, but do I need to see the first film to get it? (Seen the original series, but that's about it.)

So, thoughts?