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Hooray, more people! Welcome, WetPaint and Sakura! :D

And just making sure, I put some updates on the Nomura interview in the KH3D Ultimania under spoiler tags, haha.

[KH3D Ultimania spoiler]
Turns out the Ultimania has pretty disappointing news on the status of the next few titles in the series, specifically how they don't have any plans for BBSV2 at the moment. I don't know but dissapointment is generally what I'm getting from it. I expected astoundingly happy news, or at least more news, haha.

Originally Posted by, or rather, goldpanner regarding the Nomura interview summary
There's an interview with Tetsuya Nomura in the KH3D Ultimania that went on sale today! From the interview:
They don't have any plans for BBSV2 right now, trust your imagination with the Secret Message, there's no plans for an FM for this title, the mystery KH project is stopped because they did KH3D, please look forward to whether the 7 lights are those 7 people, lots of things have already started happening for a new title in the KH series, and he thinks they will be able to make some kind of announcement in a relatively short time.

There you go! In the interview there's also 'impressions upon seeing the 3DS, the way we brought in free flow action, the title 3D, choosing which worlds to use, about the new black-coated people in Organisation XIII' etc. I also really really recommend 'Ask Mr Tetsu everything! Scenario Mysteries' for Nomura's detailed commentary! KH3D's Ultimania is pretty big, very much worth reading, go and buy it for sure!
Also, some KH3D spoilers from the Ultimania which explain spoiler-filled parts of the game:
- In order to travel through time, "first" you need to give up of your form (body). When the man in the brown coat executed it, all the others got the same ability. But, except for YMX, not all of them came by traveling through time.
- Both Ansem SoD and Xemnas exist alongside Master Xehanort, after being defeated and giving birth to their old human form, in the Space-Time of KH3D.

Originally Posted by Lightning View Post
Guys, I'm a little disappointed in the first monster name translations from KH3D. :(

Frog Chef -> Chef Kyroo
Ghost Clown -> Jestabocky
Koumori Bat -> Komory Bat
Wondernyan -> Meow Wow
Blazing Lobster -> Char Clobster
Denden Cargot -> Escarglow
Mimi Bunny -> Me Me Bunny
Ganmi Fukurou -> Peepsta Hoo

I like the ones that they actually translated, mostly, but the ones where they kept the names just seems lazy. And if they could keep the name for Komory Bat, why couldn't they keep Wondernyan's name? ;_; It sounds so much cuter than Meow Wow, haha. (Sorry, I just have a lot of feels about Wondernyan.)
I wasn't expecting them to nail the translations, but yeah some of it is pretty disappointing. And the word mimi means ears in Japanese, right? Why would they translate the bunny into Me Me Bunny, then? Oh wait, Buneary already exists. But yeah, Wondernyan sounded much better. Kinda like how a perfectly good sounding name like Yorterrie became a meh sounding Lillipup in B/W.[/off-topic]

Originally Posted by Lightning View Post
Riku's starts a little bit after Sora's (and of course, continues on after Sora goes to sleep), I think, so I guess they wanted it to be in chronological order. I do agree that the games needed more ways to feel closer to the main characters. I got so attached to the trio in BBS just from playing the game so many times. But their more touching "together" moments are in the tutorial which is skippable so it can be hard to bring yourself to care a lot when they're split up. With Days... all the bonding was usually just done in a silent cutscene because of the way the game played (by letting you do non-plot missions for random days). I also don't consider the Org trio to be on such a high level as the other trios. :( I think it's because Axel and Xion didn't really seem to be friends until pretty late in the game and Axel always just sort of... seemed to put up with Xion because Roxas really liked her. And then everyone forgets Xion anyway so. ;~; It's not a great "trio", really.
I didn't consider that point. The lack of intersection within the stories apart from them actually being in a same room kinda sounded like it could work but I guess Sora's really does go first. Yeah, with the skippable tutorial as an example, I really found BBS lacking in scenes where the main trio shows how close they are supposed to be. There aren't too many flashbacks either, I mean, they didn't even bother making younger models for them, unless the flashbacks aren't really in the distant past. I find that last assumption hard to believe. And I haven't really thought much of the flaws of the Days trio. You mention some great arguments, and I think the odd approach they went with the three may be explained by the greater plot and characterization intervention of people other than Nomura in his Days staff, more than the other games, I think.

Originally Posted by Lightning View Post
The Dream Eaters play a lot like your party members from the first game, with the added bonus of special attacks once their dream gauge fills up. (Their gauge is essentially like the command gauge in BBS--like when Riku's monsters max it out, he can use one of them to go into a an elemental drive form. Sora gets limit breaks with them. :P) They work as normal members of the party otherwise. They're pretty great. (And adorable. <3) As for Sora and Riku themselves, Riku's like a cross between Terra and Ven and Sora's between Aqua and Ven. So they average out pretty well. :P

Hahaha omg the AI in Command Board. XD I loved stupid!Ven and stupid!Terra. On the Secret board, Ven would always play so badly. He'd go all the way out to the farthest colour-space, go back to the start, and then remember he didn't get the colour-space right next to the farthest one and go all the way back. And then there's Terra:
Interesting. I haven't warmed up to how the Dream Eaters look just yet but I think I'll enjoy playing alongside the critters. At least that sort of diversifies the experience for Sora and Riku. I like that. And without regarding the fact that I still need to warm up a bit towards the Dream Eaters, they are cute. And yeah, they played so badly I can't even believe I was playing one of the hard to unlock boards. XD I've experienced a few Command Board games like that picture, haha. I thoroughly enjoyed them.

Originally Posted by Lightning View Post
Some of the big rooms are done really well--like Traverse Town, it always feels appropriate because you have this huge space and they've got rooftops and roads and stairs and buildings and all that stuff to keep you looking around. Notre Dame is pretty good for that too. But then there are places like the Pinocchio world (especially with Riku) where they give you a huge expanse and all that's really is this big empty floor and maybe some platforms higher up that you can't even see. :/ Those ones are just boring and depressing to explore, haha.
Well, if Riku's inside Monstro or something then that's sort of explainable, I think. At least there are good rooms. I'll just enjoy those and not bother with the empty ones, I guess.

Originally Posted by Lightning View Post
Yeah, you can drop whenever you want, but you won't collect drop points for it and you spend the points between each drop to power up the next character. I usually liked having some of the buffs on (even if I never noticed their effects). :x It also counts the number of times you've dropped and I didn't want it to be ridiculously high for no reason because I'm weird and it would bother me. XD; But I think I would have preferred having specific drop places. (Like, you can drop wherever you want but you'd be forced to drop at the end of the world you just completed or something like that.)

It doesn't help that I never figured out exactly what causes the Drop Gauge to speed up or slow down. :(
Ah, that mechanic. I can see now why you make the most out of each post-drop then. Hahaha, that's really weird. That last bit was what I was thinking, but I don't know how it will work if there's still a drop gauge counting on its own.

Originally Posted by Lightning View Post
I'm pretty sure there were subs for most of the trailers but I remember not liking one of them because they didn't translate something the way I would have. (I thought it stood out because they translated Roxas imitating Axel's catchphrase as the actual catchphrase when really, he gets the verb tense wrong so he was saying something more like "Have you memorized it?" XD) But yes, a spinoff with Lea would be amazing. ;~; And ohmygod I'd die of happy if Marluxia and Larxene came back in it... and die of even more happy if they were not at all pleased with him and became minor villains or something. XD; This needs to happen!

Lea probably did get his keyblade from Mickey or Yen Sid; possibly the former because he saves Queen Minnie immediately before they bring him back to talk to Yen Sid about it, so it would make sense. (Especially if Mickey did it before talking to Yen Sid about it since he tends to make those kinds of decisions on his own. XD)

We haven't heard anything about BBSv2 yet! It's so disappointing. :( I think all I remember hearing was that 3D was supposed to be the last spinoff before KH3. Either they meant it was the last new one to be announced (meaning BBS2 was still okay) or they scrapped BBS2. They've never answered any questions about it (since no Ultimania came out for BBSFM) and it's like the secret ending of BBSFM never happened. But Nomura did say that he wants to make a game that details what happened when Riku and Mickey were in the Realm of Darkness after KH1, so maybe they'll make it an episodic game where you control different people and go through their time there? I'd be okay with anything, honestly, so long as I get my Aqua back. ;~;
I guess even with subs, I'm completely clueless. XD And that's pretty interesting! I wonder if they actually intended Roxas to get the imitation wrong? Yes it would, oh I love the idea. It would be so awesome if they did become minor villains, then again how did the other revived Organization XIII members act in KH3D? Of course, bar a few who were seen in The World That Never Was.

Yep, that would make sense. It would be so like Mickey from BBS, too. Although it's odd they wouldn't show a cutscene like that in the game, unless they really wanted people to be completely surprised with Lea's sudden Keyblade.

KH3D Ultimania mentions BBSV2 actually. Specifically its lack of being thereof. :( Yes, an episodic game would be nice. And that's the vibe I'm getting from the secret ending, too, with the tons of parallel characters shown in succession. I would want to play Riku, Mickey and Aqua, too!

Originally Posted by Lightning View Post
Okay, that... I think that makes a lot of sense. I'd completely forgotten that the Realm of Light had its own keyblade or something like that. XD I somehow never remember that worlds and places have hearts of their own and whatnot. I think you're probably right.

KH3D also implies that if someone opens their heart too much to darkness, they can lose the ability to use the keyblade. (I think it's supposed to be why Ansem and Xemnas couldn't use the keyblade.) That's probably why Riku lost it for a while, too.
The concept hasn't really stuck with me either. XD

Oh right. How can Master Xehanort still use it, though? But yeah, that makes perfect sense for Riku.

Originally Posted by Lightning View Post
If you like the language, you should keep up with it. :3 Japanese is a lot more fun for me to study than, say, French, since it's easier to practise with it. All I have to do is watch anime/dramas without subs, play import games, or read manga without translations to practise. It's just as easy to find material for French here but not nearly as fun. :P

I lied. I was price checking the new one at different sites and realized I don't have the Re:Coded Ultimania. I... I will not be getting it because I still pretend that game doesn't exist. XD;
This is actually the second time I've been thinking of learning more of the language solely due to PC, and this time around I think I will keep up with it. That's true, it's hard to find applications with something else especially where we live, and with that something like French would be light years away from being as fun to learn and practice as Japanese, haha.

Originally Posted by Lightning View Post
The command-scattering attack never bothered me that much because I already spend most of the fight just dodging around, so dodging into the commands to pick them back up was never much of a strategy change, but I hate when my cure commands are the last ones to show up. XD; The laser one was the worst no matter who you're using, though. Anything that goes beyond both Once More & Second Chance are cheap hax moves. >:O

But yes, No Name was worth it. n_n It was easily my favourite keyblade in BBS before Crown Unlimit in FM. I think it might only have to do with how difficult it is to obtain, though, which is the reason I like Crown Unlimit, at least. XD
That was a huge gripe, I always got the cure command blown away and not restored right when needed it. And that's so true, I absolutely hate boss moves like that. I can't remember if they did something like that with the past games or this is a new thing they did, frustratingly so.

Yeah, I had nothing else more prize-worthy to collect until FM, hahaha. But I know the feeling of liking a prize more from the more difficult conditions they are retrieved from.

Originally Posted by Lightning View Post
The first time I beat Ven's final boss, I'd just rolled around using Thunder Roll and damaged him that way, and then accidentally beat him when you're floating around and the ground has broken away. I had no idea what I did and didn't think it was supposed to be hard. Then when I played the game again in English, I could not beat him. XD; The Thunder Roll strategy didn't work for me so I had to beat him legit... and then I had NO IDEA how to do the ending part. It wasn't until like a year after I originally played the game that someone pointed out that you had to fill your command gauge and use the finisher on him that I realized how it worked. Ooops!
That's a funny story, even funnier because my brother actually had the same problem when he was trying out Ven's story for last (he went Aqua -> Terra -> Ven, I went the complete opposite) and asked me how it really worked like that. He was just spamming the commands available without building up the command gauge enough. I remember I actually luckily got my command gauge full on my first try just because I enjoyed clashing the attacks, which was coincidentally how you were supposed to fill it, hahaha.


Phew. You guys up for a discussion topic that anyone can participate in?
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