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    Lucia Francisco Bernavard

    Lucia smiled as she walked down the dirt path. Her head was buried in the map so Roberto took it upon himself to every so often turn her in another direction whenever the path curved or she was about to trip over some debris on the path. Lucia finally looked up and smiled, "Hey, there it is!" Lucia released her two other pokemon and looked everyone over, "Alright everyone. Our mission today is catch a Cubone!" Tyro was once again the only one who bothered to show any kind of emotion. "If we do come across any other pokemon that I want to catch, then fine, but our main objective is a Cubone. Got that?"

    The pokemon nodded and Lucia looked them over. "Alright, Roberto, you'll be in your ball for now. You'll weak to rock types and I don't want you to get knocked out early. Samuel, be ready to use attack mechanic three. Most of the pokemon in here have to be rock-types so we'll have that advantage over them. Tyro, I'll let you be out as well. Rock-types are weak to fighting-type moves so get ready to use your Double Kick at a moment's notice."

    Lucia withdrew Roberto into his pokeball and led her two other pokemon into the first cave she saw. The cave was pretty dark, they needed a light source. "Tyro, can you spit out some flame?" She asked. The Combusken nodded and let loose a Flamethrower and allowed Lucia to glance around to see where they were. The only way they could go was forward so Lucia moved forward. Every so often the cave became dark again during the times Tyro had to pause to take in a breath.

    Eventually the group reached a intersection of three different paths to choose from. Before Lucia could put up a vote a cry was heard in the cave. Lucia's attention immediately fell to the right path, "That sounded like a Cubone!" She said. Tyro led the way down the path and Lucia followed close behind. The three made their way through a series of winding tunnels before their progress was stopped. Right ahead of them was an Aron that had been walking in their direction, but stopped as he saw the two pokemon. The steel-type put on a brave face as its body grew tense.

    "An Aron... they evolve into Aggron. That would be a good pokemon to have on my team." Lucia said with a smile. "Tyro, front and center!"

    "Alright! Let's get it on dude!" Tyro said as he hopped from foot to foot. The Aron growled and it's body shined as it used Harden.

    "Tyro, hit it with a Flamethrower!" Tyro took in a deep breath and spat out a line of flame that engulfed the Aron. The steel-type cried out as the force of the flames pushed it back. However, it hadn't given up as it grabbed some dirt and ran right at Tyro and flung it at his eyes. Tyro cried out and quickly began to rub his eyes. Aron decided to go back in again and hit Tyro with a Metal Claw. With the Combusken occupied with freeing his eyes he was a free target as the claws racked one of his legs.

    "Tyro, get some protection with Double Team!" The Combusken focused and two copies of it appeared on his sides. The Aron looked perplexed but still struck out with another Metal Claw that happened to hit one of the copies. "Double Team again!" Lucia said as another two copies appeared. The Aron didn't look so confident now as it took a wary step back and turned around and gave out a small cry. Lucia frowned, she wasn't letting this one escape. "Tyro, get that mud out of your eyes and hit it with another Flamethrower!" She shouted. The Combusken worked quickly to free his eyes and quickly sent out a Flamethrower that roasted his opponent again. The Aron saw that it wasn't getting away and in desperation ran right at Tyro with a Headbutt that managed to find the right Combusken and hit Tyro right in the gut. "Tyro, another Flamethrower to finish it!" Lucia commanded. Another wave of flame shot out and finally forced the Aron to fall unconscious. Lucia smiled and reached into her bag and threw a pokeball at the Aron.

    The ball opened and sucked the little pokemon right in. Lucia smirked and just watched as the ball wobbled for a bit before it dinged. Lucia picked up the ball and put it on her belt, "Well, that's a new pokemon for me to train. Now, we go on to the Cubone!"

    Tyro chuckled, "Ya see that Sammy? It took that guy out with no problems!"

    Samuel nodded, "Yes... except for the Mud-Slap, Metal Claw, and Headbutt that damaged you."

    Suddenly a loud roar was heard further on down the tunnel... and it didn't sound like a Cubone. An enraged Aggron emerged from the darkness with a loud roar. Samuel paled, "Crud, that must be the father! The Aron mmust have been crying for him earlier! Run!" Samuel turned and ran as Tyro grabbed Lucia and flung her over his shoulder as he took off as well. The Aggron gave off another bellow and ran right after the three.

    "Tyro this way!" Samuel said as he ran right into another path that was small enough to allow the three to pass but too small for the Aggron who punched at the tunnel walls. It was some time before both Samuel and Tyro stopped and Lucia was let down. "Thank you Tyro." She said.

    "Um, could you let out some more flame?" Tyro obliged and Lucia saw that in the confusion they were in a different cavern that had multiple paths leading out. "Alright... looks like we'll have to find our way out." She said. "Tyro, lead the way. Find the safest route, I only have so many hyper potions on me."

    The Combusken saluted and led the way while Samuel stayed by her side. We'll find our way out soon enough. How big could this mountain be anyway? Lucia thought as she followed after Tyro.
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