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Originally Posted by CarefulWetPaint View Post
Also I love how all these questions are about Kingdom hearts when its a Square Enix Club.
So I'd like to bring up Final Fantasy Advent Children. Did anyone watch or like this? I thought it was amazing!
Well, I think this used to be mainly the KH fanclub until the FF ones and whatnot kept dying out and we'd talk about FF inevitably in the KH one so we decided to merge them. I think? But if you have any topics from other series to bring up, anything Square-Enix is game. :D

I haven't seen Advent Children in a while but I remember really liking it. It was gorgeous, which was about all I found to like about it originally, but the Blu-Ray release which had added scenes (it might have gotten a subtitle after the name but I forget) made the whole movie make so much more sense and I really liked that version.
Originally Posted by Sakura Rain View Post
Who is your favourite Kingdom Hearts character?
VENTUS. I have so many feels about Ven asdfjkl he's adorable and naive and adorable and he has no idea what's going on for the majority of BbS BUT HE'S ADORABLE OKAY
Veeeen. <3 I named my pet fish after him, hahaha.

Ven is hilarious because the first half of the game is spent going all "OMG I HAVE TO FIND MY FRIENDS WHERE IS TERRA" and then Radiant Garden happens and he gets mad at Aqua for babysitting Terra and from then on, his goal shifts to "I NEED NEW FRIENDS" and instead of asking everyone if they've seen his friends, he starts trying to make new ones instead. XD And his whole "hi my name is ventus but you can call me ven" spiel to everyone he makes friends with is funny too... especially since I always imagine that after he gets mad at Aqua in RG, he runs away yelling "YOU CAN'T CALL ME VEN ANYMOOOORE" and from then on in Aqua's story, instead of calling him Ven when she's thinking about him, she uses the name Ventus. Aww. xD;

I have a lot of feels about Ven (and the whole trio, really) too. T_T

aaaand cue wall of text
Originally Posted by Cid View Post
[KH3D Ultimania spoiler]
Turns out the Ultimania has pretty disappointing news on the status of the next few titles in the series, specifically how they don't have any plans for BBSV2 at the moment. I don't know but dissapointment is generally what I'm getting from it. I expected astoundingly happy news, or at least more news, haha.

Also, some KH3D spoilers from the Ultimania which explain spoiler-filled parts of the game:
- In order to travel through time, "first" you need to give up of your form (body). When the man in the brown coat executed it, all the others got the same ability. But, except for YMX, not all of them came by traveling through time.
- Both Ansem SoD and Xemnas exist alongside Master Xehanort, after being defeated and giving birth to their old human form, in the Space-Time of KH3D.
I WAS SO SAD WHEN I SAW THE BBS2 NEWS. NOOOOO. Do they realize I would have bought a Vita for it or whatever they wanted to put it on? I feel like I need to write them and tell them this. (And then point out that I'll buy it in Japanese and then English and then the Final Mix, too, since Vita isn't region locked.) ;__; I'm so sad now. They say all the story is there and everything, but they just aren't going to be making a game with it? I wish they'd be more straightforward with their answers. If they're outright saying "no" over a game they already hinted at well over a year ago, they should be allowed to tell us whether they're just saving that plot for KH3 or what. I must admit, I'm not really interested in "side story" stuff (sorry Aqua dearest, but you're side story right now)/ in my main games. This is stuff that needs to be resolved before anything new happens and it makes me sad that they're either going to cram it into a cutscene in KH3 or just ignore it altogether. :( Aww.

I... think I managed to gleam that from the game when I went through the cutscenes again. /pats self on back

Though honestly I'm still so shaky on the details of how time travel works. It seems so gimmicky. I wish they'd come up with a different mechanic to explain the Xehanorts. :(

I wasn't expecting them to nail the translations, but yeah some of it is pretty disappointing. And the word mimi means ears in Japanese, right? Why would they translate the bunny into Me Me Bunny, then? Oh wait, Buneary already exists. But yeah, Wondernyan sounded much better. Kinda like how a perfectly good sounding name like Yorterrie became a meh sounding Lillipup in B/W.[/off-topic]
...yeah, this is a lot like Yorterrie. XD; I mean, with NyanCat and all, a lot of people understand that Nyan is associated with cats anyway, so they could've gotten away with it. Moreso than Me Me Bunny, anyway. :| I'd be okay with Meow Wow if they'd translated/localized all of them but they obviously didn't try for all of them.
Interesting. I haven't warmed up to how the Dream Eaters look just yet but I think I'll enjoy playing alongside the critters. At least that sort of diversifies the experience for Sora and Riku. I like that. And without regarding the fact that I still need to warm up a bit towards the Dream Eaters, they are cute. And yeah, they played so badly I can't even believe I was playing one of the hard to unlock boards. XD I've experienced a few Command Board games like that picture, haha. I thoroughly enjoyed them.
The Dream Eaters look kind of out of place with Riku but they fit in 100% with Sora. Especially the small, fat, round ones. (Wondernyan is so completely Sora, it's perfect.) I usually gave Riku the big, cool-looking ones ot make up for the fact that I named them all really stupid things. (All of my Wondernyans are a variant of "RIKU SUX" because that's always the first thing I name a gummi ship or card deck when I'm playing as Sora and Wondernyan was my first monster. xD)
Well, if Riku's inside Monstro or something then that's sort of explainable, I think. At least there are good rooms. I'll just enjoy those and not bother with the empty ones, I guess.
Even in CoM and KH1, Monstro was varied. Big wide open spaces with no real ledges are weird no matter what the level is. :(
I guess even with subs, I'm completely clueless. XD And that's pretty interesting! I wonder if they actually intended Roxas to get the imitation wrong? Yes it would, oh I love the idea. It would be so awesome if they did become minor villains, then again how did the other revived Organization XIII members act in KH3D? Of course, bar a few who were seen in The World That Never Was.

Yep, that would make sense. It would be so like Mickey from BBS, too. Although it's odd they wouldn't show a cutscene like that in the game, unless they really wanted people to be completely surprised with Lea's sudden Keyblade.

KH3D Ultimania mentions BBSV2 actually. Specifically its lack of being thereof. :( Yes, an episodic game would be nice. And that's the vibe I'm getting from the secret ending, too, with the tons of parallel characters shown in succession. I would want to play Riku, Mickey and Aqua, too!
I have no idea. It's such an iconic phrase in the game that I can't imagine they'd have Roxas get it wrong accidentally. But it also didn't seem like it was necessary to change it up, so I feel that it has to be Roxas mixing it up, haha.

The other revived members didn't really have much of a role in 3D. We only see them when Lea wakes up on the floor of Radiant Garden. (It's interesting: he's wearing the Org jacket but the rest of them are all wearing their uniforms from RG--was Lea already wearing the jacket when his heart was released back when he became a Nobody?) Not everyone wakes up at the same time and I think we only end up talking to Lexaeus and Zexion whom I think were mostly just trying to figure out what happened and started straightening up Ansem's study lol. I'll need to go back and watch those scenes again but Lea got out of there before anything interesting (like Even waking up XD) could happen. Even Zexion didn't act badly toward Lea though, so maybe they wouldn't all necessarily be bitter toward Lea for causing the death of like half of them. :P
Oh right. How can Master Xehanort still use it, though? But yeah, that makes perfect sense for Riku.
[quote]I think MX has tempered the darkness inside him so well that it doesn't actually affect his heart. You can sort of see a difference between the way MX handles darkness and the way Terra and Riku did. With the latter two, they weren't 100% sure that they wanted to turn to the darkness. They were both more tricked into the darkness than seeking it out themselves. Even when Riku DID turn to the darkness on purpose to gain power, his form changed to KH1!Ansem so it's like he couldn't deal with accepting the darkness as he was. But I bet MX never had that problem. I'm pretty sure he was told to stay away from the darkness when he was trained but he quickly tossed that advice away and never looked back. Darkness just doesn't seem to harm him so it follows that it probably wouldn't be able to take away his ability to use the keyblade. He knows who he is and what he does so the darkness has less of an effect on him. Or something like that.

That was a huge gripe, I always got the cure command blown away and not restored right when needed it. And that's so true, I absolutely hate boss moves like that. I can't remember if they did something like that with the past games or this is a new thing they did, frustratingly so.
I don't think there was a boss who did anything like that in Re:Coded and there wasn't one (that I've found) in 3D, so I guess it's just Marluxia and MF. The other games don't use a battle system that attaches battle action to cards/commands that could be lost, so it wouldn't work there.

That's a funny story, even funnier because my brother actually had the same problem when he was trying out Ven's story for last (he went Aqua -> Terra -> Ven, I went the complete opposite) and asked me how it really worked like that. He was just spamming the commands available without building up the command gauge enough. I remember I actually luckily got my command gauge full on my first try just because I enjoyed clashing the attacks, which was coincidentally how you were supposed to fill it, hahaha.
Yyyup that's exactly what happened for me. Though now I wonder if the order you guys did your stories in is partially what took away some of the character enjoyment? I don't think I know anyone who didn't do the story order as Terra->Ven->Aqua (which was the way Nomura said was probably easiest to understand or something waaaay back before it was released). I still agree that TAV needed more time to show what they were like as friends together before the events of BBS, but maybe playing the game in a certain order makes it clearer, since I never had much of a problem accepting their friendship to be as close (if not closer) than the other trios. :O


Mm, new discussion, new discussion... maybe...

Of the Square-Enix games you've played, which one had the best battle system (and/or gameplay)? The worst? Bonus question: if you could combine gameplay of different games, what would the perfect mix be?

I'll answer this after some other people have so it doesn't get lost in my walls of text. xD