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    Kanto completed!

    ► I picked Charmander for HM purposes. I soloed with him until I reached Mt. Moon, where
    I caught a Clefairy that I named Lollipop.
    ► Lollipop got through most of Kanto, but I caught GummyBear the Slowpoke to help her out.
    ► Lollipop and GummyBear were a great combination, and totally dominated Kanto. I did
    add something to my team very late though, a Porygon, since I've never
    used one before, and don't think I will (in first gen at least). Named it JellyBean.
    ► JellyBean didn't really come in handy that much, since I decided that I
    wanted to use it when I was at Cinnabar. It was OK, but I couldn't get the
    best out of it since all the good TMs it could learn had already been used on Lollipop or GummyBear.
    ► Nontheless, I beat the rest of Kanto, and became the Champion!


    Lollipop the Clefable, Lv 62
    Item: None
    Body Slam, Thunderbolt, Bubblebeam, Minimize

    GummyBear the Slowbro, Lv 62
    Item: None
    Psychic, Ice Beam, Surf, Headbutt

    JellyBean the Porygon, Lv 60
    Item: None
    Tri Attack, Double-Edge, Toxic, Blizzard
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