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    @ NO_Obslayer Sure, PM me the sprites I have a few questions to ask about em first.

    @ Beyblader77 The beta will be released once I finish up the forth city map and events, change the titlescreen/introduction to game sprites/ and the trainer's back during a battle.


    A few random poke battles. The Battlebackgrounds will be changed before the final game is released.
    DW Poliwag & Vulpix.
    A Rival Battle.
    Emolga's sprite isn't that big, it just looks like that when a Pokemon uses U-turn.

    Mostly every Pokemon has their DW(DreamWorld) ablities from the newer games. Being a former competitive battler, I know how much everyone loves to use Drought Vulpix & Drizzle Poliwag. So I decided to put both near the beginning of the game. Of course since the first gym is Fire, poliwag can be obtained right After the gym battle. Having Poliwag before it would be too easy. Unfortunetly, every rival has a signature dragon that the player cannot obtain in this hack. (Prepare for bad news...) Axew & Deino cannot be caught in this hack as they belong to 2 of your enemy/friend rivals.
    The Team Thread for this hack is open for whomever would like to join in and help out. (Must be dedicated to it!)