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    Originally Posted by kebbles View Post
    No worries I didn't mean to sound rude or nuthin..
    I just think that everything should be perfect and the highest standard quality.
    For example, I've been working on Galaxy Elements for 3 months now and I've only just finished the starter event, only because I've put alot of time into it and in the end it pays off. But good luck hinkage and if you need a hand just PM me, i'll be free in a week or two.
    *Oh and the statue, its not up to my standard but this is your hack and how you make it is all up to you

    No we arent being picky..
    We are trying to help, everything i posted the other day was so that hinkage would fix all the problems, how is that being picky? There is alot more errors then just the trees, be honest with hinkage, thats what he needs, not people lying to him and sucking up to him. Wouldn't you want someone to tell you if something was wrong with yourself, for example your hair was messy, if someone told you it was messy then you could fix your hair lol but if people are saying na na your hair looks good, when it really doesnt, well then you just look like an idiot for walking around with funny hair lol.
    Oh yeah what is the go with the release?

    Totally agree with you there teejermiester.
    You're absouletly right. I'm probably going off my previous experience with my old hack which had alot of negative comments and strong critism. So I understand how it feels for ppl to point out what they consider a "problem" with your hack, when you think it looks cool. But it was those comments that made me start over and redo the hack. Now that I did, it looks and plays better much better than my old one. So I guess it does take ppl to point out all of the problems for you to improve your work. However, it just sucks when You personally like what you inserted into your hack, when others who will play it, don't. Alot of people on here try to make the most "Perfect", "Greatest quality" hack ever. Maybe hinkage Likes the tiles he inserted and doesn't see them as a problem. Say if he decides to keep them...If so, You won't play the hack when it's finished? lol
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