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    Originally Posted by Lightning View Post
    Veeeen. <3 I named my pet fish after him, hahaha.

    Ven is hilarious because the first half of the game is spent going all "OMG I HAVE TO FIND MY FRIENDS WHERE IS TERRA" and then Radiant Garden happens and he gets mad at Aqua for babysitting Terra and from then on, his goal shifts to "I NEED NEW FRIENDS" and instead of asking everyone if they've seen his friends, he starts trying to make new ones instead. XD And his whole "hi my name is ventus but you can call me ven" spiel to everyone he makes friends with is funny too... especially since I always imagine that after he gets mad at Aqua in RG, he runs away yelling "YOU CAN'T CALL ME VEN ANYMOOOORE" and from then on in Aqua's story, instead of calling him Ven when she's thinking about him, she uses the name Ventus. Aww. xD;

    I have a lot of feels about Ven (and the whole trio, really) too. T_T
    MAKE SURE YOU DON'T DROWN IT T_T I was a little bit peeved at Ven after Radiant Garden. I mean, Aqua was just following orders and trying to help and he's all "OMG AQUA YOU'RE AWFUL" I mean I just felt a little bad for Aqua is all. asdfkjl NO I still love Ven he just acted a bit like a child in that one particular scene ;____; omg I can just picture him saying that to Aqua. With his puppy dog eyes. and the glare asdfjkl and then in Disney Town he's all like "Wish I had someone looking out for me" and I was like ASDFJKL YOU ARE BREAKING MY HEART VEN

    I love how he introduces himself exactly like that every time he meets someone new. Every time. well he probably didn't introduce himself to master xehanort like that but who cares about MX anyway he is a prick of the highest order and not vanitas either but he is also a prick of the highest order

    Of the Square-Enix games you've played, which one had the best battle system (and/or gameplay)? The worst? Bonus question: if you could combine gameplay of different games, what would the perfect mix be?

    ...are you guys going to kill me if I say Birth by Sleep? Because that was the best battle system ever and not just for KH either. and I dunno about Dream Drop Distance but it's looking to have a good system as well. And worst battle system/gameplay... erm...toss-up between Re:coded and Days. I do in fact play other Square-Enix games. I just play KH the most XD um um um BIRTH BY SLEEP AND DREAM DROP DISTANCE. someone who's not a KH retard needs to answer this question lol

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