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Originally Posted by Fireworks View Post
I'd have said arrogant.
Anyway the tiles don't work well together, since they're n different styles.
The B/W trees are never near the other trees, so you don't actively see the difference in-game. If you mean with the buildings, well, I'm sorry but I don't have enough tileset/palette space to add them on most maps.

Originally Posted by teejermiester View Post
Good point.

Something actually about the hack, are we going to learn anything about the region? You mentioned it once or twice, but you don't have a picture or anything that we can reference, nor any town info or gym leader, character, etc. I think that would make this thread a lot better.
I'll update this thread a lot as soon as I have time. I rushed tbh.
Also, yes. I'm adding books Skyrim-style that you can read and learn about events/the region/characters.
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