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    Name: Varion!
    Platform: Game Maker
    Genre: Action Platformer


    This is a Game I've been taken alot of consideration into making, It's an 8-bit game (Decided recently) and also a college
    project of mine, I had to write a story to it as part of one of my courseworks and this is part of what I've written so far
    I will write more when I can be bothered or have the time.

    The characters in this Game are ones the are in a roleplay with me and my girlfriend, so already I have alot of background
    over each character and shall not need to do alot more planning than I have.
    Like I said, not a lot of planning is needed since I've been planning this since August of last year, while I was working on Corruption
    (which is still in development) and have a lot of stuff planned in terms of Gameplay and how the story shall develop and work.

    As for the name, I honestly had no ideas apart from the name of the main character so, it's just simple 'Varion!'a
    So I give to you, Varion!


    This world, is known as Toradno.
    Toradno is around 3000 years old, yet never has it had war, world domiance, or terrorism.
    Until now... Late one night in a lone labortory scientists commit their lives to Lord M, a evil man
    wanting to rule Toradno as his own world, he creates creatures and carries out experiments to
    find the ultimate weapons to take over Toradno. Every experiment they made has been too weak
    too handle the powers they give them, the bodies die and wither within a few seconds.

    Until, that is, When Projects 0409 (Varion) and 1711 (Thorn) were created, their bodies handled
    themselves pretty well, passing all the required tests to be called a success, Lord M told them their
    real purpose, to destroy and help rebuild the world, to his will. They refused to take part in
    such evil deeds, despite it being what they were made to do, the attempted to escape and succeeded with Lord M's
    army pursuing them. They all fought for weeks, making this Toradno's first war. After weeks of fighting
    Lord M retreated claiming He'll be back...

    Many years pass since this war, and Varion and Thorn have fought Lord M many times and held him back
    from taking them away again, One morning Varion wakes to find Thorn kidnapped, as usual he suspects
    Lord M, and rushes to his castle.
    After heading there in a total rage, and defeating Lord M, Lord M claims to have done no such thing
    as in taking Thorn, as a evil shadow figure laughs from above admitting to the kidnapping, and runs off
    Varion must find and follow him, in hope to find his Thorn and save her, before her powers are used for the wrong doings...


    The Main character to the game, was created in Team X's Lab and marked as Project 0408, he developed to much emotions and began to rebel and become aware of his own rights.
    The Goal of the Game, the general Goal is to find and rescue Thorn. Thorn is another project from Team X, she was marked as Project 1711, and is someone who is slowly developing emotions, she escaped with Varion because the first emotion she developed was love for him.

    X is the 2nd Version of Varion, designed to be more evil and sinister than him, he has occasionally taken Thorn hostage and used her for ''things'', never has he been aware of her true powers though.

    The original design for Varion, he apprently died within creation, so they dumped him in the basements, where he came to life and developed a strong and pure hatred for Varion and Humans alike.

    The original design for Thorn, though she wasn't killed or died in creation Team X still used her for a while till she proved no use, then she was dumped with Beta in the basement to rot.

    The 3rd version of Varion, created to be more twisted, sick and sinister than Varion and X combined. Thorn used to have a sweet spot for him, due to his over dominance and many other overpowered features.

    Nothing is known about him, Varion has spotted him once or twice around their home though.

    Lord M
    The Human who gave Thorn and Varion 'Corruption' he wants to destroy all of Toradno and rebuild it to his own design.

    The actual creator of Varion and Thorn, she was hired by Lord M to create them, since he had failed so many times, after they were made, she left and Lord M took all credit.

    Team X Grunts
    Just various random humans who work for Lord M, nothing more than a common enemy you shall encounter.

    Bounty Hunters
    As Varion and Thorn are rare specimen in Toradno, it's not unlikely humans have banded together to catch them and use them for their own dirty deeds, So many Bounty Hunters will be after you.

    WARNING!!! These screenshots are only of the first level which is not very far done so far, so expect to by VERY dissapointed so far.

    Title Theme

    VarionBluefire(Me): Sound Designer, Level Design, Character Design, Director
    ThornBluefire: Sound Designer, Character Designer, Story Developer
    Catman: Scripting DoDaas.

    Beta (Pyshics and Movement Test)
    Has no proper Gameplay, just a test of movements, tell me anything that bugs you and such.
    Press F1 for controls.
    (See attachments for Download).
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