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    ❂ BOLD STEP ❂

    At Kat's call, Kiyoko walked wobbly over to her, and was lifted into her arms. With a contented smile, he snuggled himself up against her with Star. The boy gave him a smile, which made him rather uncomfortable. I-is he planning something...? He was still scared of capture, though he felt safer around Kat. The girl... Didn't even show interest toward him. Yet she was the one who mentioned him outside of the door. He was confused. One index finger in his mouth, her curled up to Kat, his orchid eyes softened, however still paranoid. His other hand reached the top of his head, and his full body made a noticeable cringe. It hurt, because what his hand brushed over was a scar, recently stitched together. He shivered from the pain.

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