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Originally Posted by Monolito View Post
How can I get pokemon such as the remaining elemental monkeys(Pansear and the other 2) or the starters (Bulbasaur and Squirtle)? Can I catch all of the pokemon in this single hack? What about the legendaries?
The elemental monkeys aren't available in the wild.
I'll probably add them in the next update.

Originally Posted by Hacker Bisharp View Post
jagold in the next version (which I hope you release soon) fix this error:
Maybe you should add an area to where you found an error next time, so it can be easier for me to fix it?
But thanks for the report.

Originally Posted by Kirby39 View Post
Oran, Sitrus and Pecha, actually.
Uh, okay, I'll do that.
I found more glitches. Yay...
#~As I stated below, Shedinjas are supposed to be Genderless.
#~Buizels/Floatzels have Hyper Cutter and Shell Armor as Abilities. They're supposed to have Swift Swim.
#~Towns and cities's Wild Pokemon might need checking, because it says in the Hevah Pokedex several Pokemon can be found in cities, (For example, it says Lugia can be found in Rintah Town.)

Here's my invisible Fisherman.

Uh, tile error. Near the right edge of the screen.

Bottom right. Stops at the edge.

Uh, scripty error thing.
Thanks for the bug reports.

Originally Posted by Mochorro View Post
I have found a bug. I am playing the latest version (14)

In Rainleaf Town, I have been fighting the Gym leader several times to train my team. After finishing one of the battles, I went to the Safari Zone, and when entering the building, my character began moving automatically, and ended here:

There I can't move...

Edit: And there is something I found weird... But it's not a bug, you may have done it intentionally:

I think the image is self-explanatory...

Edit2: And there is something I forgot to mention. When the story branches, I entered the aircraft. In the area in which you meet Zoey and Rino, in the tall grass there, you find the Pokémon ?. But this is something you already knew, didn't you?

Sorry if my English is not good...
I'll investigate that Safari building bug.

Originally Posted by manutdrule View Post
btw would be great if u can introduce DPPt style physical/special split for all the moves in the game, similar to wat's done in liquid crystal?
(eg. Fire punch is based off Atk. while flamethrower is based off SP.Atk.?)
its a shame that some pkmn like luxray have their STAB electric moves all based on its weaker Sp. Atk rather than Atk, which is the old (and arguably poorer) style.
I'm too lazy to add that feature... =/

Originally Posted by Conan Edogawa View Post
I'm stuck on Mount Krystal and I don't know how I can progress.
Angeallan's guardian trainer just left, but whenever I try to leave I get sucked into the conversation again. I tried talking to everyone who's left and nothing works. The only one to talk is Angeallan, but only says something about his counterpart then stops.
That's weird...
Maybe provide a screenshot, or P.M. me your saved file (not save state) so I can investigate?

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