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Congrats Chevitile on becoming the third Ultimate champion!

Here's my next update.

Update #2 on White.
  • Crossed the bridge to Driftveil City.
  • While fighting in the Cold Storage, Zorro evolved into Zoroark and Skye evolved into Unfezant!
  • Cleared Team Plasma outta there, then took on the gym.
  • Clay wasn't too difficult, Cashmere was able to beat him with Wake-up Slap and Tail Slap.
  • Continued on to Chargestone Cave, picking up a Shiny Stone on the way, and Cashmere evolved into Cinccino!
  • Got through the cave to Mistralton City, met the other professor, and climbed Celestial Tower.
  • Challenged the gym, and Skyla was handled by Cashmere's Rock Blast.
  • Beat Cheren and got Surf, then went through Twist Mountain.
  • Popped into Icirrus City, then explored the Mistralton and Wellspring caves with Surf.
  • Back in Icirrus City, I took on the gym and won easily with Zorro and Cashmere.
  • Beat up Team Plasma in the Dragonspiral Tower and Relic Castle, and got the Dark Stone.
  • Made my way to Opelucid City, where I took on the gym. Iris was beaten easily by Zolata's Strength.
  • Then I maxed out everyone's EVs, and continued on to Victory Road, beating Cheren along the way.
  • Victory Road wasn't very hard to get through, and I found myself at the Pokemon League.
  • After a little moveset editing, I took them on.
  • Shauntal was soloed by Zorro's Shadow Ball and Night Slash.
  • Caitlin was beaten by Zolata's Crunch and Zorro's Shadow Ball.
  • Grimsley was a team effort, with Cashmere doing the most work.
  • Marshall was beaten by Zolata and Skye.
  • After catching Zekrom, I faced off against N and Ghetsis and beat them. Cashmere and Zorro were the MVPs.
  • The postgame is next.

Elite Four:

N and Ghetsis:

Team Gray:

Zolata the Jolly Stoutland, ♀ - L51 @ Silk Scarf
Ability: Intimidate
Moves: Return, Wild Charge, Crunch, Dig

Cashmere the Lonely Cinccino, ♀ - L53 @ Expert Belt
Ability: Technician
Moves: Tail Slap, Bullet Seed, Wake-Up Slap, Rock Blast

Skye the Careful Unfezant, ♀ - L52 @ Sharp Beak
Ability: Super Luck
Moves: Return, Hypnosis, Fly, Quick Attack

Zorro the Quiet Zoroark, ♂ - L53 @ Spell Tag
Ability: Illusion
Moves: Night Slash, Focus Blast, Shadow Ball, Grass Knot
Elite Four MVP, Ghetsis MVP

HM Slaves:

Oshawott - Cut, Surf
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