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    @ Tajaros- Why can't you finish yours?

    @ MidnightShine- Idk maybe she's attracted to the Beartic over there? lol jk. It's Garchomp's B/W Back Sprite. Not the usual D/P one with it's mouth closed.


    This snapshot is near the beginning of the game. Just as soon as you wake up from the dream mentioned in the story introduction.
    A small snapshot of FLAMEN CITY. The first gym battle is here.
    This is the player's Best Friend/Main Rival. Like the player, he is from FELLS CITY and journeys the CORE Region. You'll bump into him plenty of times, mostly with him talking to you about what he's seen so far. He'll choose one of the 3 Starter Dragons that you did not choose.

    This is a List of ALL the Pokemon in the Hack. With the exception of KYUREM Black & KYUREM White. (A very small portion of these Pokemon cannot be obtained. The player will only be able to catch 1 Legendary. The rest are not catchable. The list is Finalized & won't be changed.)

    This is the only update for today as I have a college exam at the end of the week to study for. I'll be handing over this hack to Atif for the time being, as he'll be the one to fix any bugs and problems with the hack so far. He'll also be editing the things I could not do as of yet. Hopefully, I'll be able to release the beta Very Very Soon.