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    Originally Posted by CarefulWetPaint View Post
    That is completely incorrect. Missionaries did everything for the bible and they killed millions of people.
    Not to mention all the other crusades in the bibles name, and all the people put to death because of writing in the bible.
    I think the Crusades were... unfortunate. The Pope was corrupt, people didn't understand the Bible, and went on a killing rampage. Although I agree, they did kill millions supposedly by the order of the Bible, I think that was different, because they did that on order of the Pope, and not by their own thoughts. This could have happened even without religion, where the Pope may have been a corrupt politician of a sort.
    And I'm not sure what you mean with missionaries... today missionaries don't kill at all. Rather, many of them get killed.

    Originally Posted by CarefulWetPaint View Post
    Also saying religion does matter is another silly point. There has been plenty of people killed because of their religion by people of other faiths.
    Could you rephrase that? I'm not sure I'm getting that.