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Originally Posted by FrostPheonix View Post
I think the Crusades were... unfortunate. The Pope was corrupt, people didn't understand the Bible, and went on a killing rampage. Although I agree, they did kill millions supposedly by the order of the Bible, I think that was different, because they did that on order of the Pope, and not by their own thoughts. This could have happened even without religion, where the Pope may have been a corrupt politician of a sort.
And I'm not sure what you mean with missionaries... today missionaries don't kill at all. Rather, many of them get killed.

Could you rephrase that? I'm not sure I'm getting that.
-Edit- The part I wrote about missionaries was incorrect and I apologise for that. It was late when I wrote it and I had them confused with something else. Again I apologise.

And you are just brushing off murders done in the name of the bible here. The thing is there's a good chance this wouldn't have happened if there was no religion because at that time religion was the highest power in the world.

Second I meant to say
"Religion doesn't matter" Sorry about that typo. But saying that, people of a different religion have been put to death because of their religion by people who have a different religion if that makes sense.
I'm going to use this as an example so it makes more sense, don't hate:
A Satanist is put to death by Christians because of the two conflicting views on religion and deities.